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Manifesting A Better Sex Life

Sometimes there can be the aura of something slightly prissy about writing around law of attraction, as though people were afraid to mention the fact that it's good for manifesting a better sex life as well as everything else!

So the question is: how do you manifest a better sex life?

And of course the first thing, as always, is that you stop noticing how little sex you are getting, or the poor quality of the sex you are enjoying at the moment – or rather, not enjoying!

This is the familiar principle with the law of attraction which is that you should stop paying attention to the things that you don't wish to have in your life, and instead pay more attention to the things that you do wish to have in your life so far so simple.

Of course there are more complicated aspects to this as well, such as stopping yourself running the belief that you aren't getting enough sex – it's the same principle that you've always seen in writings about law of attraction – that is to say, you take your attention away from what you don't wish to have in your life (in this case not enough sex) to what you do wish to have in your life (in this case good and plentiful sex).

By focusing on what you want, rather than what you believe you're lacking at the moment, you are far more more likely to be able to induce it to come into your life.

Now you'll also be familiar, I'm quite sure, if you've read much about law of attraction, with the concept of gratitude as a catalyst for getting what you want – in this case of course that means being grateful for the sex you are already having.

There's nothing complicated about these law of attraction principles – in fact, if you've read about law of attraction you will know how familiar and commonplace they are. But nonetheless, when you're resentful about what you've not got, it can be difficult to summon up of an attitude of mind which is more focused on what you want to have in your life than on the resentments or lack that you currently experience.

Even so, this is very necessary if you're hoping to achieve success in this particular field. And if you want to create the life you desire, then it is absolutely essential.

Needless to say, the subtlety goes even further, and this may appear even harder for you to incorporate into your behavioral repertoire – you have to start appreciating your partner. And indeed, more than that, you have to behave towards your partner as you would do if you are actually getting the sex that you particularly want to have.

This is the famous manifestation/law of attraction principle called acting "as if" – and it's very necessary. You have to bring into your life the things that you want by acting as if they're already in your life – therefore, as I say, if you want more sex in your life, or better quality sex, then you have to start behaving towards your partner as you would be doing if those things were already present in your life.

You'll observe that one of the difficulties here is that you have to avoid getting caught up in the reality of what "currently is" – because in actual fact what "currently is" is no more your reality than the reality that you have in your mind as an aspiration and hope for the future.

But going along with this, of course, is the fact that you have to drop certain behaviors that are unhelpful to what you want to achieve – gossiping about your partner's failings in bed would come high on that list, for example!

Now, I'm not being cynical here, I'm being realistic, but the truth of the matter is that one of the ways most of us discharge our resentments in everyday life is to talk about them to our friends and co-workers – and in this situation this is not only unacceptable, but self-defeating because by gossiping in this way, which is actually rather malicious, you're still focusing on things you don't want rather things that you do want.

This also means, some more subtle changes your behavior such as not talking to your buddies about what the opposite gender in a disparaging way. Remember that the whole principle of the law of attraction is that you get what you talk about and focus on and think about.

And I need hardly point out, I'm sure, that if you focus on the opposite gender in disparaging way, that's really likely to manifest in your life as a partner who fits your expectations!

Instead, what you need to energize and propagate into the outside world is a viewpoint which shows that you believe that things are changing in the way that you want them to change.

Remember that you can't attract a great love life while you're upset about what you haven't got – you have to anticipate the joy and gratitude of what you will soon have, and anticipate the pleasure and excitement you'll share with a sexual partner who is absolutely ideal for you.

The truth of the matter is, of course, that to create a space where love and romance can enter your life – let alone good sex – you have to think in a way that demonstrates to the universe that you actually expect these things to come into your life, that you feel you are worthwhile, or worthy of them, and that you are good enough and lovable enough for another partner to desire you.

It's quite obvious that the better the vibe you're giving off, both in terms of confidence and sexuality and expectation, the more likely you are to get a partner who is ideal for you in every respect.

I think most of us would understand that not with sexually attractive is not about how we look, or the clothes we wear ring, or any other physical characteristic – it's much more about the vibe that we are sending out. You have to be energetically attractive – you have to manifest an energy of attractiveness before other people will be interested in talking to you (unless of course they're equally desperate, in which case you're not really attracting the right energy!)


In a lot of ways it’s about being in grace and focusing on the gifts that you do have. We all have friends who are single and longing to be in a relationship and you as the friend can see ALL the love they are brimming over with to share and you could see how truly loveable they are. But on an energetic level they are asking for a mate with the door closed, focusing on lack of, not available and the not enough thoughts.

Not enough is a powerful thought, if we use it as a spark to ignite our clear intentions. We get into trouble when we stop the energy and don’t keep the flow going.

Which is we buy into the story and stop ourselves from moving into the next awareness. Sometimes we forget thoughts are just tools for our spirit, meant to ignite the next thought.


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Updated: January 07, 2021