Advice For Women - How To Sexually Arouse A Man

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Sexually Caressing Your Male Partner Can Be Very Arousing!

"Feeling a guy" generally turns a significant number of women on, many getting more excited by doing it through clothes than in the nude.

"I get very horny," says Carol of Wilmington, North Carolina, "when I feel my guy's balls through his trousers and his cock getting a hard-on while I'm doing it. I do it sometimes when we're out driving, and when his cock is stiff, I unzip his fly and take it out and go down on him, while he's still driving. I always come off when I'm doing this, sometimes before he does."

On the whole, though, women find caressing the naked male most arousing.

"I enjoy moving my tongue slowly all over his body, gradually getting nearer and nearer his cock. When I get quite near, his cock begins to jump and when I actually touch the tip of it lightly with my tongue-tip it leaps up and hits me in the. mouth. If he touched my clit then, I'd come immediately."

There are some accounts of response reactions to more out-of-the-ordinary foreplay caresses which might be helpful in experimenting with the partner to discover his particular likes and dislikes.

"I am very aroused by rubbing his penis against my face. It is also extremely exciting to rub the tip against my nipple until he comes. The spurting of his semen on my nipple, never falls to bring me off."

"If a guy has nice juicy nipples, I turn on at once when I see them. But fellatio with him is best. When I did it to my virgin lover the first time, he thought he was on another planet. That really helped my ego, which, in turn, inspired my cunt."

"I only like caressing my partner when he doesn't just want to get his nuts off, but makes me feel wanted."

"I get very turned on when he dangles his semi erect penis over my nipples, and gets hard by my rubbing it against them. When he rubs my nipples with his penis it isn't the same, not so electric."

"There's something very satisfying about going to sleep with a cuntful of prick. Even when I've already come off, sometimes I come off a second time as he lies behind me and I reach between my legs and rub the head of his prick between my labia and then suddenly push it in."

"I get super randy when I bring him off with my hands, more so than when I suck him."

"Aly partner is so anal erotic that I've overcome my earlier inhibitions and now find analingus to be powerfully stimulating to me."

"If I caress him from the tip of his cock with my tongue, and go down over his balls to his anus and back, it gives me almost as much physical excitement as it does him."

(The perineum is a much neglected sensitive zone. More should be caressing it.)

"What arouses me most is seeing that my caresses are arousing him."

"When I flick my tongue rapidly on the underside of Guy's penis just below the tip, it makes his penis jump so that it seems alive. Seeing, or rather feeling this 'live' thing moving like this turns me on more than his responses to anything else that I can do to him, and he's only got to touch my clitoris once while I'm doing it and his penis is jumping to bring me off immediately."

"Ron goes mad if I make him lie on his back, and I kneel over him facing his feet. I put him in me, then I make him draw up both knees, and I pick up one foot and bring it across to the other knee, and I suck his big toe. This makes him shout and wriggle and in about a couple of minutes lie comes off. Almost before he's finished coming, he's pushed me off and mounted me, and thrusts until he comes again, which doesn't take him very long. He does this all very roughly. He seems to go right out of his mind.

But afterwards he's very gentle and sweet, and asks me to forgive him. I haven't told him yet that I like doing this to him because it gives me a sense of power over him to make him so roused that he more or less loses control, and that when he 'attacks' me, he brings me off much more intensely than when he makes love to me gently and his being sorry afterwards just makes me feel all the more superior. But this feeling of power and superiority frightens me a little, so I don't do it to him very often. I usually save it for when he's been a little bit beastly to me, and I want to get my own back."

There are one or two traits of sadism in what you do, but I don't think you need worry about them. After all, you are giving a really intense sexual experience, which he clearly enjoys; and at the same time, fortunately, you are having a special experience yourself, which does even things out a little, I think.

I should begin to worry about you if you ever did tell him what your motives were and then carried on doing it, because then you would destroy him sexually. In my view there is no greater sexual crime than one partner deliberately destroying the other sexually. As things are, you have done neither Guy nor yourself any harm. On the contrary, you are doing both of you a lot of good, so keep it that way.

couple in love having sex"Do you know any man whose most sensitive zone is his buttocks, more sensitive even than his cock? I do. I can play for hours with Tristan's cock, and go down on him for eternity and he won't get a hard-on, but if I gently stroke his buttocks his cock comes up in seconds. Do you know, that if he comes into me and I stroke his buttocks, he comes off in no time at all without moving. I didn't know about this when we first met, and I got him to go to bed with me. He was a shy guy and seemed very reluctant to lay me.

But I got him there eventually, and then nothing happened, because his penis just would not get erect whatever I did. I thought he had the worst case of ED I'd ever seen. He was nearly out of his mind and weeping, and I felt so sorry for the poor guy, I made soothing noises, and said I understood, and these things could happen. Then he blurted out that he was unable to ejaculate during sex, because he could never get a hard-on, and it was so damned unfair, because he could always get a hard-on when he wanted to jerk off.

I was really sorry for him. He was such a nice guy, kind and gentle and fun to be with. I ought to say is, because he's still all those things, and we've been having it off regularly now for nearly two years. As I say, I was feeling real sorry for him, and all my mothering instincts were coming welling up, and so I took him in my arms, and practically saying, 'There, there, little boy, it'll soon be better.'

I didn't say that, of course, and I can't remember now exactly what I did say, but it had that sort of meaning. As I soothed him I ran my hand up and down his spine and over his buttocks. Whenever I touched his buttocks, he seemed to push his cock against me, as if I'd touched a nerve. So I stayed with his buttocks, and ran my hand lightly backwards and forwards over them. Then all of a sudden I felt his cock coming up hard against my thigh, and I did not stop caressing his buttocks until I felt it jerk once or twice.

man falling in love with womanUp to that point I had been the most turned off woman in the world, as dry as a bone, and without a sexual thought in my head except the unhappy limpness of Tristan's poor cock. But as soon as I felt that rock-hard weapon jerking against my thigh, my clit and cunt were all on fire; juices were pouring out of my vagina. He didn't seem to realize what had happened, until I said, 'Honey, fuck me quick, I'm nearly coming.' He seemed pretty pleased at that invitation, for sure, because he wasted no time in putting his cock inside me and thrusting hard.

I took my hand and put it on his erect penis. 'Jeeze!' he shouted, and I mean shouted, and I thought he was going to hit the ceiling. But he was on me before I knew what was happening and I helped him in and he began to thrust away. He'd probably thrusted three or four times when I came off the first time, and he kept grinding away, and I came again.

"Then I put down my hands and began to stroke his buttocks, and within seconds he ejaculated, and I kept stroking his buttocks, and he kept fucking me until he whispered, 'Lay off, honey, please!'

Now, all this time, I was thinking this was a great move on my part, simply because I was looking for a man, and here he was - falling in love with me just because I was stroking his buttocks! I am being facetious of course but I will admit I always thought that if you want a man to fall in love with you, the best way is to go straight for his weak spot - having him enjoy great sex with you! And of course, great sex is a wonderful basis for a loving relationship!!

man in love with a woman"So I stopped and he stopped bucking, and lay on top of me, panting and his heart racing so hard he couldn't speak. "When he quieted down, he got off me, and began to kiss me wildly. 'Jeeze, that was great! At last I've fucked a woman and it was great, and I'm glad it was you, because I like you better than any woman I know. What did you do to me?' 'I just stroked your ass,' I said. 'That's all, and then your cock was as horny as a stallion with three on-heat mares prancing round him, all wanting it.' 'And so long as you went on stroking I couldn't stop.'

"So that's what we did, and it happened again, and the hornier he got, the hornier I got. I've been around a bit, but those lays are my most memorable ones. 'Christ, what do you think is the matter with me?' 'I don't know,' I said, 'and I wouldn't worry. If you have no erection problems at all -  and get as horny as you do by having a girl stroke your ass, what's it matter?

'But it's not normal,' he said. 'But its results are bloody great,' I said. 'I think you're a witch,' he said, holding me hard in his arms and kissing me, 'The greatest witch in the world.' Well, having found out what would turn him on, and send me wild at the same time, I suppose because I felt I had a special sort of power over him, we next discovered that I could give him head, and do all those other sort of natural things to him, just so long as I kept one hand, not necessarily two, gently stroking his buttocks. In the past, and I still am, I had always been turned on by watching a guy's cock gradually getting erect.

One of the ways in which I can be turned on so wild it's not true with Tristan is by making him stand in front of a mirror. We have to stand sideways because he's too tall for me to see over his shoulder. I stand behind him, and stroke his buttocks with both hands, and by degrees his cock begins to get hard. If I rub my nipples lightly against his back while I'm doing this, I can bring myself off by the time he's got fully hard. If I go on stroking his buttocks after he's got hard, he'll come off after a time, just like he will if he's in me, not moving, and I stroke his buttocks."



Updated: April 23,  2019